We began life nearly a century ago in Birmingham as brass founders, producing fittings for window furniture, railway carriages and cabinet handles. Through the mid 1900’s we went on to incorporate an impressive variety of materials and processes into our fixture making capabilities, including metalwares, woodwork and lacquering. This grounding in design and engineering served us hugely well as we began working with manufacturers and retailers large and small to anticipate and meet changing consumer demand for quality, design-led products at affordable prices.

Challenges have come and gone down the years but we’ve consistently expanded our operation, moving to a succession of new and improved facilities to meet customer demand.


We’ve seen some monumental changes to the homeware sector along the way – notably as production processes began moving Eastwards from the 1980’s onwards. But while trends and tastes have continued to evolve, our longstanding heritage and commitment to quality and affordability, coupled with a deep insight into emerging trends, has endured.


This has enabled us to move with the times, forge new partnerships and ultimately, keep one step ahead of the competition.

Lloyd Pascal Timeline

Lloyd Pascal & Co was created

Lloyd Pascal & Co was created nearly 100 year ago at the heart of Britain’s key industrial city of Birmingham.

Listed as Brass Founders

The company was first listed as ‘Brass Founders’ due to the production of window furniture, railway carriage fittings and cabinet handles from brass fittings.

Fancy goods based on Belgian style metal ware

Lloyd Pascal moved to larger premises, expanding into fancy goods based on the Belgian style of metal ware


Started manufacturing parts for aircrafts, gliders and tanks as its contribution to the war efforts – Rolls Royce being one of Lloyd Pascal’s customers.


Continued to expand with the production of items such as log-boxes and magazine racks without the reliance of suppliers due to new in-house equipment.


Expanded into premises next door – Lloyd Pascal’s manufacturing base was further expanded into woodwork.


An electronically controlled stove lacquering plant was installed; revolutionising the durability of finishes and allowing the company to introduce a range of new products including colour effects.


Purchased by DMS Group, whose ownership it remains today. Lloyd Pascal expanded its production to the far east during this decade.


Expansion of premises again due to lack of space; in order to widen product base and competitiveness.


New warehouse due to further expansion


Further business expansion with another new warehouse


New offices and warehouse due to continued business growth


Due to continued expansion and the introduction of drop ship services. Lloyd Pascal build new warehousing facility.