Lloyd Pascal does the Canton Fair – 2017

Being the lead furniture suppliers that we are Lloyd Pascal management went out in force and travelled over 5000 miles to visit the largest trade fair in China: The Canton Fair. This fair is the place to be if you want to stay at the fore front of innovation and supply.

Not only is it the largest and busiest of all Chinese trade fairs but it’s also where the most business deals are made. To ensure we supply on trend, high quality furniture at affordable prices for our customers Lloyd Pascal management was on a specific mission to find the latest trends, the best manufactures to enable our business partners to succeed.

So after visiting endless stands and talking to hundreds of manufactures what did our management find?

Marble was definitely a key look that was being shown across furniture for all rooms of the house including kitchen, bathroom and living room. From the images above, you can see that marble gives the furniture a luxurious look and is used in interesting colorways of two tone greys, blush pink marble contrasted with grey marble. This look is one that we must explore into.


As a furniture supplier we have been seeing the industrial look furniture slowly become a strong trend of its own.

From the images you can see that this industrial / reclaim look consists mostly of a mixed material design such as black metal framing with a brown wood finish. This produces a beautiful contrast and a fashionable worn look.

After explaining the new key trends that we found on our visit there is just one more clever furniture piece I’d like to share where us at Lloyd Pascal thinks the future of furniture is heading.  Phone charging furniture! I shall leave you with that clever thought!


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